2013 at OYC- A
Look Back
Oshkosh Yacht Club Is Awarded ILYA 2013 Club of the Year

(accepting the award for the OYC are:  Ed Bowen, David Sitter, Beth Wyman, P.J. Friend- commodore of the ILYA and         
Bill Wyman)
On March 1, 2014 the Oshkosh Yacht Club was awarded the ILYA Club of the year at
the recognition ceremony held at the Lake Chenqua Country Club during the Winter
Inland annual meeting.    Below is the script that went along with the reward. Vice
Commodore Ed Bowen accepted the trophy for the club.  Thank you and
Congratulations to all OYC members that made this possible.  

Oshkosh YC has grown in 10 years from nearly a non-existent X fleet to one
of the largest in the ILYA. With that growth has come an improvement in the
skill level with a sailor in the top ten the last three years. They
requested to host the ILYA X Champs and in preparation for that event,
created their own annual regatta to boost familiarity with the Winnebago
waters. That regatta now boats 40 - 50+ boats regularly and is one of the
largest annual X events. Oh, how far they have come.

The parade of clubs and the posting of yacht club burgees originated with
Oshkosh. It has become the trademark of the Opening Ceremony now at all ILYA
X Champs. Clubs now don team gear to display the pride during the Parade of
Clubs. The formal presentations from noted leaders in the ILYA has become a
hallmark of the event as we begin the sailing portion of the regatta.
Oshkosh has left its mark on all subsequent regattas.

Oshkosh is an example of a vision fulfilled, volunteerism homegrown with the
expansion of a fledgling program, to regatta management at the highest
level. Thanks to the OYC and Oshkosh Sailing Schools and the Waters for
making our visits memorable. Congrats to OYC as Club of the Year.
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